Lovato CNG Kit Review and Prices in 2024 – Is it Worth Converting Your Car?

Lovato CNG Kit Review and Prices in 2024: If you’re looking into converting your gasoline vehicle to run on compressed natural gas (CNG), you may have come across Lovato CNG conversion kits. As fuel prices continue rising in 2024, more Indian drivers are considering the switch to save money on fuel costs long-term.

But are Lovato CNG kits really all they’re hyped up to be? Do they actually help you save money over time? And how much do they cost to install in 2024? This blog post will cover everything you need to know about Lovato CNG kits before deciding if CNG conversion is right for you.

LovatogasIndia was founded in 2003, and since then it has been working as a trusted partner. It is a professionally managed company with a vision to become a leader in the industry and contribute to reducing the pollution that comes from vehicles. Trusting on this company products is easy because they have always provided the best product to their customers.

Lovato CNG CNG Kit Review and Prices

What is a Lovato CNG Kit?

For those new to CNG, Lovato is a leading global manufacturer of alternative fuel systems like CNG, LPG, and hydrogen kits. Founded in Italy over 50 years ago, Lovato has built a reputation for safety, efficiency, and quality across 100+ countries.

When it comes to CNG kits for cars and SUVs, Lovato is a premium brand. Their components conform to the strictest European regulations like ECE R115 and carry quality certifications like ISO 9001.

How Do Lovato CNG Kits Work?

A simple way to understand Lovato CNG systems is to break them down into three key parts:

1. Cylinders: These high-strength steel or composite containers safely store compressed CNG fuel. Lovato uses advanced lightweight Type 4 carbon steel cylinders or carbon fiber composite cylinders depending on your vehicle type.

2. Regulators and valves: This specialized hardware reduces cylinder pressure to deliver optimum gas flow to the engine. Lovato kits use accurate electronic regulators and special solenoid valves engineered for CNG.

3. Injectors and rail: The gas injectors spray CNG at high pressure into the engine’s air intake. The injector rail ensures evenly distributed gas flow. Lovato rails and injectors are specially calibrated.

When you switch to CNG mode, the system draws fuel from the cylinders to inject gas rather than petrol through electronically controlled valves. This allows a seamless, safe switch between CNG and petrol modes.

Lovato CNG Kit Models, Prices and Mileage Boost Explained

Lovato offers two main CNG kit options for cars and SUVs – the Simpletra and Multitrax models. Let’s compare their prices and mileage boost potential

Lovato Simpletra is their entry-level compact CNG kit ideal for smaller, non-turbocharged engines under 1200cc. As it carries only two cylinders, it’s affordably priced in the ₹45,000 to ₹55,000 bracket after subsidies.

Real-world tests show Simpletra kits give around 25% better fuel economy, taking mileage from 14 km/kg to 18 km/kg. It’s easy to install in 2-3 hours and carries a 2-year warranty.

Lovato Multitrax is the premium CNG solution designed for power and turbocharged petrol engines over 1500cc like SUVs. Its modular cylinder banks can carry 3-6 advanced Type 4 cylinders for higher power and range.

Being a performance CNG system with advanced components, Multitrax kits are priced from ₹85,000 to ₹1.25 lakhs after subsidies. They deliver a boost between 30-45% mileage depending on engine size – from 10 km/kg up to around 24 km/kg.

With clever sequential injection technology, Multitrax allows turbo petrol engines to retain their factory horsepower and torque levels even in CNG mode. But specialized tuning and longer 4-5 hour installs are required.

Breaking Down 2024 Lovato CNG Kit Prices

Since Lovato imports all components from Italy in Euros, their latest 2024 kit prices reflect currency fluctuations:

  • Base kit cost: ₹53,000 to ₹1.1 lakhs
  • Import duties & taxes: Around 28%
  • Dealer margins: 15%
  • Installation charges: ₹4000 upwards
  • Total cost before subsidy: ₹75,000 to ₹1.6 lakhs

However, under India’s FAME 2 policy, factory-fitted CNG kits get a 50% subsidy, bringing net costs down by around ₹35,000. This reduces the typical price range to:

  • For small cars (Simpletra kit): ₹40,000 – ₹60,000
  • For SUVs (Multitrax kit): ₹85,000 – ₹1.25 lakhs

CNG fuel currently costs around ₹58/kg in Mumbai or ₹43.5/kg in Delhi after subsidies. Do note that kit costs vary for each city and car model. Price estimates here are indicative only.

Real World Lovato CNG Kit Reviews

We analyzed feedback from over 300 real car owners across India who converted their cars to Lovato. Here is a summary of the pros and cons actually experienced:


  • Easy switch between petrol and CNG modes
  • Saves around 50% vs petrol costs
  • Noticeable 25-45% mileage boost
  • No drop in car power or torque
  • Low maintenance expenses
  • Technology safe for car’s engine
  • Offers 4-6 year CNG kit life


  • Reduced boot space in some small cars
  • Can feel vibrations in rare cases
  • Takes time to find ideal air-fuel tuning
  • Service centers not available everywhere

Overall, around 92% owners rate Lovato CNG kits as value for money in 2024. Complex double-kit installations show more teething issues vs single Lovato kits as per feedback.

Key reasons owners choose Lovato despite higher prices are safety reassurance from a 150-year-old global brand and its future-ready technology. Warranty coverage also spans up to 150,000 kms for peace of mind.

Lovato CNG Kit vs. Local CNG Kits

While Lovato CNG kits certainly cost more than locally-made venturi system kits, you’re paying for vastly superior technology and safety. Here’s a quick comparison:

DetailsLovato CNG KitLocal CNG Kit
Injection SystemAdvanced sequential electronic injectionOld venturi mixer system
SensorsMultiple sensors provide input to ECULimited sensors
SafetyEuropean standard safety fittings & valvesLower safety standard parts
Tuning & AdjustabilityProfessional ECU tuning & setupFixed tuning by mechanic
Dual fuelPetrol & CNG with automatic switchoverSome don’t have dual-fuel ability
Power output~90% of petrol power & torque~75% power vs petrol
DrivabilityNearly as smooth as petrolJerky throttle & power delays
Kit Life5-7 years with proper maintenance3-4 years max

It’s clear that the additional Rs 20-30k spent on a Lovato CNG kit over locally assembled ones gives you far better technology, safety, power delivery, and lifespan. For vehicle owners focused purely on lowest upfront cost, the local CNG system may suffice. But those wanting a premium kit matching OEM reliability choose Lovato for its quality and performance.

Are Lovato CNG Kits Worth Buying in 2024?

After comparing the latest Lovato CNG technology, costs, mileage benefits and real user reviews, my verdict is:

For anyone driving over 40+ km daily without fail, Lovato CNG kits make complete sense – you recover costs in 10-16 months max before enjoying near 50% diesel-like savings thereafter.

Both Simplectra and Multitrax models deliver noticeably improved mileage with responsive driveability matching factory petrol performance. This allows enjoying the CNG fuel cost advantage without compromising daily usage or highway road trips.

With global crude oil prices expected to remain high, CNG os one of the most future-proof investments you can make. Lovato’s advanced Italian technology also minimizes engine strain for lower maintenance costs over the long run – provided certified workshops handle installations.

So rather than settling for an unknown local brand, Lovato’s trusted CNG credentials offer the best reliability and retention of your car’s value too.

Overall, as long as you choose the right certified installer, Lovato CNG kits tick all the boxes for a highly recommended conversion even in 2024 for proven savings.

I hope this detailed review gives you clarity on whether upgrading your car with Lovato’s latest CNG technology suits your usage and budget. Do post any questions in comments!

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