Mijo CNG Kit Review and Prices in 2024 – Worth Getting on Your Car ?

India has some of the highest petrol and diesel prices globally, more drivers are switching to CNG kits promising 40-50% fuel cost savings. One kit brand gaining popularity is Mijo CNG Systems – known for advanced sequential injection technology at affordable pricing.

mijo cng kit price and review

But is the Mijo CNG kit worth getting installed on your car in 2024? How much do their kits cost for different cars? Does the fuel cost saving potential justify the investment over time?

This detailed review answers all those key questions about Mijo CNG kits – covering pricing, technology, pros/cons, and payback period analysis.

Overview of Mijo CNG Kits

Mijo offers packaged CNG conversion kits allowing owners to switch their existing petrol or diesel vehicles to run on compressed natural gas. The kit comprises CNG cylinders, stainless steel pipes, filters, valves, an electronic sequential CNG injection system, switchover valves, and sensors.

Unlike outdated conventional CNG kits using venturi mixers and carburetors, Mijo employs advanced sequential fuel injection technology for optimal performance. This electronically controlled system monitors engine load and speed to map the precise CNG volume required per cycle.

The result is smooth drivability, quick throttle response, and maximizing power output while running on CNG – at par with factory-fitted CNG vehicles. Let’s look deeper into their technology.

Mijo Auto Gas Pvt. Ltd. manufactures the best CNG and LPG kits that are very compatible with all the vehicles and also give great performance and drivability. Mijo is mostly known for its quality products, they meet with all the safety precautions along with improvements in functionality and design as per the needs of customers. The Mijo CNG kit installation is carried out by experts under the strict monitoring to make sure the the safety standards.

Key Features & Benefits of Mijo CNG Kits

Sequential Fuel Injection

Mijo uses electronically-controlled sequential fuel injection specially optimized for CNG unlike primitive venturi CNG kits plaguing the local aftermarket.

The advanced system injects the precise required CNG quantity depending on driving conditions to ensure optimal combustion. This avoids poor driveability issues with basic CNG systems relying on outdated venturi mixer technology.

Dual Fuel Ability

Mijo CNG kits offer dual fuel capability allowing owners to conveniently switch between CNG or petrol mode via dashboard toggle switch. This flexibility ensures you’ll never get stranded without fuel.

When the CNG gas supply finishes, the system safely defaults to petrol mode so you can drive to the nearest CNG station for refueling. Red warning lights indicate when to switch fuels.

Higher Safety

Mijo meets ARAI and European testing benchmarks for using safer materials including cylinders, stainless steel braided hoses, valves, filters and fittings. Special check valves prevent any dangerous gas leaks during accidents or collision damage. This gives owners peace of mind unlike roadside CNG mechanics using questionable components.

Integrated electrical safety systems also immediately cut off gas flow detecting excess pressure or temperature spikes.

Advanced Sensors & ECU

Integrated sensors continually monitor oxygen levels, coolant temperature, throttle position and intake manifold pressure to optimize the air/fuel mix ratio for maximum efficiency when running on CNG.

Mijo’s ECU processes this data to make minor tuning adjustments ensuring consistent peak performance – unlike low-end kits losing power progressively after installation until the next manual tuning.

What Does Mijo CNG Kit Installation Cost?

Mijo CNG kit pricing depends upon the vehicle type, engine cylinder capacity, number of CNG cylinders needed, and additional spare parts required.

Average Mijo CNG kit cost in 2024 including labor for installation ranges between:

  • Small hatchbacks – Rs 55,000 to Rs 75,000
  • Compact sedans – Rs 75,000 to Rs 90,000
  • Mid-size SUVs – Approximately Rs 1 lakh on average
  • MPVs like Innova – Rs 1.25 lakhs onwards

As a benchmark, their mid-sized sedan kits cost 20-30% below premium brands like BRC or Lovato range. But you still get advanced sequential injection technology for maximum efficiency versus outdated conventional CNG kits.

Mijo strikes a practical balance between price and technology to deliver attractive payback for owners through substantially lower CNG running costs.

Pros of Choosing Mijo CNG Kits

Here are the major benefits of upgrading your existing car with Mijo’s CNG kit:

Comprehensive Installation Service

Mijo provides complete end-to-end CNG installation service unlike partial support by some competitors. Their experienced technicians handle complex tasks like tank placement, stainless steel pipeline layout, electricals integration with car wiring and settings ECU parameters. This ensures quick, headache-free installation and peace of mind for owners.

Well-Engineered Components

Mijo employs high standard components like multiple sensors providing input to the ECU, European certification marked cylinder valves, gas filters, and stainless steel braided high-pressure hoses for safety. This improves kit durability versus flea market parts used by roadside mechanics.

System Monitoring & Tuning

Mijo’s trained technicians also provide periodic tuning after installing kits to account for environmental factors and maintain peak efficiency over years of driving. Many low-end kits lose power progressively once installed with no tuning support afterwards. Mijo’s free first year checkups reduce this issue.

Warranty Support

You get a 1 year comprehensive warranty on overall workmanship and kit performance from Mijo – not offered by all competitors and local workshops. So any post-installation or early teething issues with the CNG system can be promptly addressed by specialists.

Potential Drawbacks

Despite the pros, what are some compromises with Mijo CNG kits?

  • Their system relies more on Indian/Asian standard kit components unlike premium European kits. So don’t expect absolute top-tier global quality matching OEM factory CNG cars.
  • Resale value after 4-5 years trend slightly lower for Mijo converted CNG cars than OEM CNG models. But most owners recover CNG investment earlier through substantial fuel savings.
  • Being a newer brand compared to pioneers like BRC Fuel, awareness is still building among used car buyers on viability of Mijo’s technology. This may limit some resale takers.

Mijo Kit vs Local Mechanic CNG Kit Comparison

Before jumping to cost analysis, let’s see how Mijo holds up against really low-budget makeshift CNG kits from your nearby garage:

ParticularsMijo CNG KitLocal Roadside CNG Kit
CNG Injection TechnologyAdvanced computerized sequential injection systemOutdated venturi mixer system
Components QualityMeets ARAI testing standardsLow/uncertain quality
Switchover ModeAutomatic computer-controlledManual two-way valve
Tuning SupportFree yearly checkup & tuningNo tuning support
Dual Fuel AbilityYes, integratedNot guaranteed
Safety StandardsHigherQuestionable
Price Difference15-20% premiumLower upfront cost

Paying 15-20% more for a properly engineered kit like Mijo’s clearly makes long-term sense considering potential safety and maintenance issues plaguing roadside CNG installations.

Cost Saving Analysis on Key Cars

Now let’s analyze total cost of ownership with Mijo’s CNG kit against petrol variants for popular car models. This reveals actual savings potential to compute payback period.

Maruti Alto K10

  • New Alto K10 VXI price – Rs. 4.45 lakh
  • Mijo Alto CNG kit price – Rs 60,000 (estimated)
  • Total Alto K10 CNG price – Rs. 5.05 lakhs
  • Mileage: Petrol – 24 km/l | CNG – 33.5 km/kg
  • Yearly run: 12,000 km
  • Fuel rates: Petrol Rs. 102/litre | CNG Rs. 78/kg

Annual fuel expenses will be:

  • Petrol – Rs. 51,000
  • CNG – Rs. 28,000

Opting for Mijo’s CNG kit can save you ~Rs 23,000 in fuels cost every year. Over a 5 year period, the Alto K10 owner saves nearly Rs 1.15 lakhs in petrol expenses after spending just Rs 60,000 on the conversion kit.

This gives under 3 year payback – making it a financially attractive option for private car buyers as well.

Maruti Ciaz Sedi

  • New Ciaz Delta petrol price – Rs. 9.98 lakhs
  • Mijo Ciaz CNG kit price – Rs 90,000
  • Total Ciaz CNG price – Rs. 10.88 lakhs
  • Mileage: Petrol – 21 km/l | CNG – 30.2 km/kg
  • Annual run: 15,000 km
  • Fuel rates: Petrol Rs. 102/litre | CNG Rs. 78/kg

Yearly fuel expenses will be:

  • Petrol – Rs. 71,400
  • CNG – Rs. 46,900

The Ciaz owner can save ~Rs 25,000 yearly on fuels switching to CNG. In 5 years, the total savings exceed Rs 1.25 lakhs – covering the entire CNG kit investment costs!

Given fast payback time, sedan owners stand to gain substantially opting for Mijo CNG without compromising much on car res

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