What Is The Cost Of A CNG Installation Kit?

Cost Of A CNG Installation Kit: As we all know fuel costs are now soaring high. The carbon emissions from the combustion of files like petrol and diesel are very high. That is why CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) has surfaced as one of the best alternatives to the traditional field. It is known as the best because it is low budget, it has lower maintenance costs, and it also reduces carbon emissions. That is why the CNG kits are now being fitted in vehicles rapidly. The cost of a CNG installation kit is premium but it is valuable. To know everything about this kit, read this entire blog till the last without missing anything.

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Cost Of A CNG Installation Kit

What is a CNG Kit?

A GNG kit comprises a pressure gauge, an electric control unit, and a refill valve, and also with some other fittings like hoses, clamps, high-pressure tubes, etc. This kit turns the combustion engine-fitted vehicle into a CNG-compatible vehicle. Before you buy a CNG kit you should first find out whether your car model is compatible with running on CNG. If your car is properly compatible with fitting, then you must proceed with the CNG installation kit process. On the other hand, you should get approval from your official RTO for the conversion of a petrol or diesel-based car.

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What is the use of a CNG Kit?

The uses of the CNG kit are completely uncountable as it has a lot of features and advantages. First, the CNG fitting comes with a fuel switch for the driver to switch from petrol or diesel mode to CNG mode as and when it is needed. The high-pressure compressed gas is released from the fuel tank through the extensive setup of fuel lines. 

The CNG installation kit has a CNG cylinder which is known as a fuel tank. At this place, the natural gas is stored. Commonly, this cylinder is installed at the back of the vehicle. It has been reported that once the pressure is regulated, the CNG passes to the combustion or manifold chamber, The CNG comes into contact with air. 

In the CNG installation kit, there is regular management of the pressure. The functions of the regulator sync with the engine fuel injection system. The spark plugin ignites the CNG as soon as it mixes with the air the engine starts.

How to Select a CNG Kit for Your Car?

A lot of people opt to buy the company-fitted CNG kit, as they have a misconception that these kits run for a very long time and are good in performance. But it is not true, somewhere all the things are right but on the other hand, the non-company fitted CNG kit also runs well for a long time and its performance is also good. 

There are a total of two types of CNG kits. Those two kits are the Venturi CNG Kit and Sequential CNG Kit. You should always consider whether your CNG kit is incompatible or not with your vehicle.

1) Venturi Kit:

Venturi kit is the most affordable kit and it is an easy-to-install kit. This kit is completely suitable for any automobile, carburetor-driven, and fuel-injected vehicle. This can also be installed without using an Electronic Control Unit. But you have to make sure that you do its cleaning frequently and to do it you need the help of experts. And the cleaning will also be affordable.

2) Sequential CNG Kit:

The Sequential CNG Kit is also great, This kit has a separate Electronic Control Unit to control the flow of CNG gas to the engine unit. But you have to always ensure improved mileage performance. This kit is only compatible with fuel injection-supported vehicles and this kit is very tough to install. And this kit is much more costlier than the Venturi CNG Kit.

Cost of a CNG Installation Kit

As we learned, there are two types of CNG kit, Venturi CNG Kit and Sequential CNG Kit. The cost of a CNG installation kit is premium. The cost of the kit mostly depends on its brand. But if we talk about the company-fitted CNG kit it will cost you between Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 70,000. But if you buy the CNG kit from a shop seller it will cost you between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000. You have to keep in mind that installing an aftermarket CNG kit eliminates the warranty coverage that you receive from the manufacturer.

Also if you are buying an open-loop CNG kit, so it is going to cost you between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 with some installation charges. If you are buying a closed-loop kit, so it will cost you between Rs. 22,000 to Rs. 25,000.

The registration charges of the CNG kit, inclusive of RC Endorsement will cost you between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 3,000. Remember, the CNG-installed car needs a very high insurance premium. The premium increases by 10% which is generally based on a car model. It is going to cost you between Rs. 1,200 to Rs. 1,500.

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Advantages of a CNG Kit

The CNG kit is very cost-effective in the long run. It saves a lot of money for a person. Also, the cost of CNG kit installation can be easily recovered in just 2 years of use. It is completely environmentally friendly, If we compare it to petrol and diesel, the compressed natural gas is clean and safe.

CNG kit installation easily reduces carbon emissions and it also gave its contribution to checking environmental degradation. CNG kit-fitted vehicles are a great choice for petrol or diesel vehicles because a lot of petrol and diesel sellers adulterate these things with kerosene, pentane, and naphtha. But adultering anything with CNG is completely impossible.

Is a CNG Kit Safe for Your Car?

Yes, the installation of a CNG kit in your vehicle is completely safe because it has a high auto-ignition temperature. The temperature of this feature is around 540 degrees Celsius. But the petrol’s high auto-ignition temperature just goes to 360 degrees Celsius. Because of the high auto-ignition temperature, the chances of fire on your car are less. Also, this reduces carbon and also makes it environmentally friendly. The cost of a CNG installation kit is completely worth it as it give your proper satisfaction with all the benefits and safety also.

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