Which Type Of CNG Kit Is Best?

Type Of CNG Kit: In this expensive growing world, people are now shifting from petrol and diesel vehicles to CNG vehicles. The people who have already bought a petrol or diesel car are now converting their cars into CNG cars. It is a safer and cost-effective option. This decision surely saves a lot of money. But the most asked question about the CNG kit is which type of CNG kit is best for their vehicle. So there are two types of CNG kits present in the market. Read this entire blog and learn about both of the CNG kits and learn which kit is best between both of them.

How Many Type Of CNG Kit Are Available?

There are two type of CNG kit and both of the kits have their different advantages, adjustments, and cos. Those two kits include the Venturi CNG Kit and Sequential CNG Kit. These are a very valuable kit that is currently high in the market because of the huge demand.

Venturi CNG Kit:

The Centuri CNG Kit is a completely affordable kit for boys. It is best as it is very easy to install in your vehicle and greatly it is compatible with most types of vehicles. This kit is easily available in the market. It is purely suitable for the fuel-injected, automobile, or carburetor-driven vehicles. On the other hand, you can also install this kit without the help of an Electronic Control Unit. This kit is affordable but it asks for a big demand as it needs good cleaning. You cannot clean it by yourself, you need the help of experts to clean it.

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Sequential CNG Kit:

The Sequential CNG Kit is better than the Venturi VNG Kit, as per the experts. It has a separate Electronic Control Unit which controls the flow of CNG gas to the engine unit. It is a little bit costlier than Venturi but it is far better than that kit. This ensures improved mileage performance. But the biggest fact about this kit is that this kit is just suitable for fuel injection-supported vehicles. Installing this kit into the vehicle is the most challenging part. 

You can choose your kit by looking at the model and type of your car and choosing the best compatible CNG kit. But always remember that you have to get permission from the government for its installation. When you appeal for the installation of this kit you need to receive the “Fuel Change” Registration Certificate from the local authorities. This process involves an amount of time compared to when you want to install the kit in your vehicle.

Best CNG Kit Brands

There are some of the best brands available in the market that sell the best CNG kit. Check out the list here:

1) Landi-Renzo

2) BRC


4) Zavoli

5) Longas

6) Bugatti

7) Unitax

8) Lovato Autogas

9) Bedni

10) Tomasetto

Most of the car dealers use the CNG kits from one of these brands as they are the best brands that sell the CNG kit. These brands have the best CNG kit and price. Before buying the kit, you should do all the paperwork for the kit.

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Is CNG KIt Good for Your Car?

CNG kits have their advantages and disadvantages. You should opt for it after reading all the advantages and disadvantages.


The CNG kit is affordable and it is going to prove that it is completely cost-effective in the long term. The CNG kit helps in creating less pollution as it reduces carbon footprint by 5% to 10% as compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. CNG is completely adulteration-free. Nobody can do any type of alteration in CNG, as a lot of petrol and diesel sellers do.


The CNG kit has high maintenance and the installation cost is also very high. Purchasing a CNG kit is a one-time investment but its installation and maintenance cost is very high. Also, there are very selective CNG stations available till now, so you might find difficulties in re-filling your CNG storage.

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